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This section provides links to resources to help you freely or commercially distribute standalone and companion applications for Samsung Gear S and S2 wearable devices (Gear apps), via the Samsung Galaxy Apps Store.

Gear apps that are distributed via the Galaxy Apps Store must integrate Samsung Account (SA), which is a two-way portal for your Samsung Account users to thousands of SA-integrated applications AND for those SA users to access your SA-integrated application.  Independently, Gear apps can integrate Rich Notification in order to provide their users with advanced notification features (bite-size updates, advanced action buttons, and personalization and branding).

Samsung Seller Office is the online portal to register your Gear apps for distribution certification, and then manage your application's distribution, sales, promotions, and financial accounting.

  Developer Partnerships with Samsung Links to: partner benefits; step-by-step introductions; and Gear app registration, certification, and distribution management via Samsung Seller Office with checklist Partner with Samsung
  Samsung Account Introduction and links to Samsung Account features General Introduction to Samsung Account
  Rich Notification Introduction and links to Rich Notification UI, message components, integration guide, API, and example code Rich Notification
Samsung Galaxy Apps Store Distribution  
  Seller Office Application Registration Links to Gear app registration information: Samsung Seller Office policy, functions and UI; Gear app pre-requisites and registration process Seller Office Application Registration
  Seller Office Application Certification Gear app certification overview, phase steps, checklist, and process management Seller Office Application Certification
  Seller Office Application Management Post-certification management of Gear app distribution, sales and promotions, and financial accounting Seller Office Application Management


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