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This section provides information and  links to resources to help you design standalone and companion applications for Samsung Gear S and S2 wearable devices based on the Tizen OS Web API (web Gear apps) or Tizen OS native API (native Gear apps).

iPhone Limitations for Gear Apps

Gear applications are subject to the following limitations when their Gear device is connected to an iOS device.

1.  Companion apps cannot run when their Gear device is connected to an iOS device.

Companion apps are composed of a Gear app and a host device app that exchange data via one of the following protocols: Samsung Accessory Protocol (SAP), In-App Purchase (IAP), or Remote App Control.  Android host apps cannot run on iOS devices.

For details about Gear app APIs that are not supported when their Gear device is connected to an iOS device, see the following API references:

2.  Standalone Gear apps can run when their Gear device is connected to an iOS device.

However, the connection between an iOS device and a Gear device is based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), which has a lower bandwidth than Android devices.  This restricts the communication channel between the devices at the platform level.  Therefore, standalone Gear apps that need higher bandwidths (for example, audio/video streaming and map related apps) may not work properly when their Gear device is connected to an iOS device.

Standalone Gear apps that need higher bandwidths will work properly when their Gear device is in the Work without Phone Connection (WPC) mode because it is directly connected via Wi-Fi, 3G, or LTE (depending on the Gear device).


More Design Resources

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