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Upcoming Webinars

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Past Webinars

Galaxy Apps Store100.pngGalaxy Apps Publishing




Publishing through Samsung Seller Office

How to use Samsung Seller Office to publish your Android apps, their in-app purchase items, theme products and Gear apps. Seller Office is your online portal for app registration, pricing, distribution, and promotion; sales statistics; and managing your finances.

Webinar slide deck: Publishing through Samsung Seller Office

Published app lifecycle: Galaxy Apps Publishing

Reach a Greater Audience and Increase Your App Downloads

Learn how to effectively promote your apps inside the Galaxy Apps store, Gear store, and Theme store.

Webinar slide deck: Reach_a_Greater_Audience_and_Increase_Your_App_Downloads.pdf

Successfully Launch Your Apps with the Games for Samsung Promotion

How Android game developers can enter the Games for Samsung program to publish apps exclusively on Samsung’s Galaxy Apps Store with special promotions.

Webinar slide deck: 


Samsung In-App Purchase and Promotional Opportunities with Galaxy Apps

How to sell a variety of in-app items and premium content, and a review of additional promotional and app marketing opportunities via Galaxy Apps.

Webinar slide deck: Samsung_IAP_and_Promo_Opportunities

In-app item lifecycle: In-App Purchase Items

The Seven Rules of Game App Monetization

Unity evangelist Oscar Clark's guidelines ensure that monetizing your game app doesn't come at the cost of creating an enjoyable game.

Each monetization decision can fundamentally affect the kind of game you make. Deciding whether to charge up-front, use in-app purchases, and use advertising aren't choices to be made lightly.

Galaxy Devices 100 px.png Galaxy Devices

Overview of Galaxy S8+ and S8 for Developers

Learn about the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ new hardware and software features and find out how your application can take advantage of the device’s capabilities.

Includes an overview of the new cutting-edge features: Edge Panel, Samsung DeX, and the availability of Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ in the Remote Test Lab.

Webinar slide deck: Overview S8 and S8Plus

Overview of the Samsung Mobile Theme Editor

How to design, create, and publish themes, wallpapers, icon packs, and Always On Displays (AODs)—without any coding—using your own design resources and artwork. Hear success tips based on the top-grossing themes.

Webinar slide deck: Overview of Theme Editor

Samsung Theme Seller magazine:

Access to Theme Editor:

Theme product lifecycle: Theme Products

Developing for the Edge

How to design, develop, and market Edge panel and feed apps that allow your users to easily multitask and access their favorite contacts, information, and device features without switching apps.

Hear success stories from top-grossing Edge apps. Create a sample Edge app using Android Studio.

Webinar slide deck: Developing for Edge

Edge app lifecycle: Edge Apps

Wearables100.png Gear Wearables

The Developer Guide to the New Samsung Gear Sport

In this 1-hour webinar, we will present the latest UX improvements, design principles, and patterns for this new wearable device. We will discuss best practices for designing Gear watch faces, apps, and widgets; and visual styles and considerations for end users. We’ll also explore new APIs and features introduced in the Tizen 3.0 platform for the Gear Sport.

Webinar slide deck: 

Go Beyond Fitness: Developing for Samsung Gear Sport

Learn how your application can take advantage of the new capabilities of the Samsung Gear Sport. Gear Sport expert and Sr. Product Manager, David Ng, will provide an overview and demonstration of the new, cutting-edge features including award-winning rotating bezel UX, 5ATM durability, advanced fitness coaching, IoT Smart Home, and design / accessory features.


Overview of Samsung Gear S3

Discover the advanced features, configuration, and operation of the Samsung Gear S3 and other Gear devices. See popular use cases, including how users can directly download your watch face apps.

Webinar slide deck: Gear S3 Overview Development

Gear S3 App Development

Learn about the Samsung Gear S3 capabilities, the smart watch marketplace, and Gear Web apps. Kick-start your app development by creating a Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) Web app.

Webinar slide deck: TIZEN WebApp Development Webinar

Gear app lifecycle: Gear Apps

HRM App Guide: Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) Sample App Guide

HRM App Source Code: GitHub: Heart Rate Monitor Sample Web App

Tizen Studio installation: Installing Tizen Studio

Tizen wearables documentation: Tizen Wearable SDKs

Introduction to Watch Face App Creation with the Gear Watch Face Designer Tool

How to create Watch Face apps for Gear S2 and S3 devices using the Gear Watch Designer Tool.

Webinar slide deck: 
Watch Face Creation with Gear Watch Designer Tool

Guide: Gear Watch Face Designer Step-by-Step Guide

Watch face app lifecycle: Watch Face Apps


Introduction to Gear Watch Face App Development with Tizen Studio

How to develop Gear Watch Face apps for Gear S2 and S3 devices using Tizen Studio. Javascript, HTML, and CSS knowledge is required.

Webinar slide deck: Watch Face Development with Tizen Studio

Guide: Tizen Studio Watch Face App Development

Watch face app lifecycle: Watch Face Apps

Tizen SDK: Tizen SDK

Monetize Your Gear Apps: Implementing IAP with Web APIs

Discover how to offer your customers a variety of digital content within your Gear app using Gear In-App Purchase (IAP). Different IAP products (consumables, non-consumables, and subscription), service modes, and available to you, and detail the prerequisites your application needs to be successful

Webinar slide deck: Gear IAP Webinar Presentation

Guide: Gear IAP Web App Step-by-Step Guide

Sample Gear app: GitHub: Gear IAP Webinar

Gear IAP item lifecycle: Gear In-App Purchase Items

Gear VR100.png Gear VR

Take Control: Developing for the Gear VR Controller

An overview of the new Gear VR controller, and how to set up your IDE and implement basic controller interactions. Samsung Gear VR is the most popular VR platform (5M+ devices). The Gear VR controller is a simple, intuitive, yet powerful way for your users to immerse themselves in your VR app.

Webinar slide deck: Gear VR Controller Overview Developers

Unity project:  Gear Controller New Unity Project

GearVRf Project: Gear VR and Gear 360


Extend Your Productivity: Creating Samsung DeX-Compatible Apps

Samsung DeX brings a desktop experience to Galaxy S8 and S8+ device users: multi-window environment, and connections to an external monitor, mouse, and keyboard. Optimize your Android apps for DeX.

Webinar slide deck: Creating Samsung DeX Compatible Apps

Sample DeX app: Sample Dex Application

Guide: DeX Sample App Development Guide

DeX lifecycle: DeX

Create Secure, Pain-Free Checkout Experiences on the Web and Pay with Samsung Pay

Improve customer checkout experiences and accept payment from Samsung Pay, the most widely used and accepted digital wallet. Use the Payment Request API to improve conversion on your web page and native apps, how to make secure payments with Samsung Pay, and how to build a simple and useful checkout experience for your customers. 

Webinar slide deck: Create Secure Checkout Experiences and Pay with Samsung Pay 

Note: Due to the real-time, interactive nature of webinars, SDP hosts may present details that have changed or are not complete.

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