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Ready to market your stellar app?

Samsung Developer Program is your gateway to app monetization success.

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Samsung Developer Program

Galaxy Apps Store Promotion Consideration

We will assist you in preparing and submitting your app to be considered by the Galaxy Apps Store for promotion. 

What You Get

You'll have a better opportunity to be discovered and monetize your app. If your app qualifies, it will be made available as part of the exclusive Galaxy Apps storefront, the beautifully redesigned and thoughtfully curated sales site. By adhering to the rigors of the Samsung Developer Program, your chances for success increase dramatically.

We offer various ways to feature your content in one of the available Galaxy Loyalty programs (e.g., Galaxy Gifts) or merchandize your content in the Galaxy Apps Store. Our team provides consulting advice if you're interested in either one of those programs. Be sure to contact us early in the process by submitting a service request through the Developer Program Portal. 

What We Need

In order to discuss promotion, your app must be certified and currently available through the Galaxy Apps Store. 

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