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Samsung Developer Program

Samsung SDK Integration Validation

This service confirms that the integration of any Samsung SDKs is acceptable from a usability and functionality perspective.

What You Get

Many Samsung-developed SDKs are available to you when creating your new app. The SDKs guide you toward building a fully compliant app that will fit neatly into the Samsung ecosystem. Available SDKs include Samsung Account, In-App Purchase, and Rich Notifications.

Each SDK integration is evaluated and rated separately in the context of overall app functionality.

Upon completion, you'll get:

  • Test report (including summary of results, SDK implementation, and any issues found)
  • Issue logs
  • Screenshots
  • Any additional data, as appropriate
What We Need

You must provide the following information to support testing:

  • APK
  • Target device list (up to 5 devices)
  • OS supported
  • App documentation (including setup and test accounts if required)
  • Release notes
  • Up to 10 high-level core functionality test cases that include an SDK-enabled features list
What We Do

The following testing and validation will occur:

  • Sanity testing
  • SDK functional implementation validation
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