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Samsung Developer Program

Complete Pre-screening

Choosing this service provides an extended structure of test cases to determine whether all aspects of your app are functioning as anticipated. 

What You Get

Complete pre-screening covers various aspects of application performance, device compatibility, and UI/UX evaluation. This testing combines generic test cases developed by the Samsung Developer Program team with app-specific test cases you provide.

Here's what you'll get:

  • Test report
  • Issue logs
  • Pre-launch validation planning and follow-up communication
  • App regression testing twice per app version
  • Execution of two application updates per year
What We Need

You must provide the following information in support of testing:

  • APK
  • Target device list (up to 5 devices)
  • OS supported
  • App documentation (including setup and test accounts, if required)
  • Release notes
  • 5-10 high-level core functionality test cases (optional)
  • Benchmark success criteria matrix (optional)
What We Do

Complete pre-screening consists of the following:

  • Test your application on the latest flagship devices (phones and/or tablets)
  • Utilize up to 10 of your own test cases
  • Device compatibility verification
  • UI/UX verification
  • Samsung SDK integration verification
  • Performance validation (requires baseline performance definition)
  • Sanity testing
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