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Samsung Developer Program

Basic Validation

The basic pre-launch validation service allows you to verify that your app is ready for market launch and that it executes its basic functions in a satisfactory manner on a specific Samsung device.

What You Get

You'll get verification that your app is functioning well on a selected target device. Only basic app functionality is checked during testing. Upon completion, you'll receive:

  • Test report, including a summary of results and any issues found
  • Issue logs
  • Screenshots
  • Additional data and recommendations, as appropriate
What We Need

You must provide the following information in order to support validation:

  • APK
  • Target device model
  • OS supported
  • App documentation (including setup and test accounts, if required)
  • Release notes
  • Test accounts, if required
  • 5-10 high-level core functionality test cases (optional)
What We Do

Sanity testing will be performed based on a set of generic test cases. You may also provide up to 10 additional app-specific test cases.

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