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Samsung Developer Program

Samsung Developer Program Benefits

Samsung Developer Program Benefits

Our goal in working with you is to help you create a unique, memorable experience for your customers. We are eager to assist you as you become more successful, achieve greater exposure, realize more revenue opportunities, and expand your customer base. The Samsung Developer Program (SDP) is a great opportunity for you to receive invaluable assistance during development of your applications. The program ensures that your apps will perform optimally within the Samsung Mobile ecosystem. The program was designed to help you leverage your benefits, aim for higher conversion, improve your user's experience, and establish a more solid foundation.

Service Category Service Partnership Level Required
Pre-launch Validation Basic validation Preferred
Device compatibility Preferred
Performance validation Preferred
Samsung SDK integration validation Preferred
UI / UX Usability Validation Preferred
Samsung Assets Use Lab use reservation Preferred
Device loaner support Preferred
Seller Office Registration support Preferred
App setup support Preferred
App certification support Preferred
Samsung In-App Purchase Billing implementation support Preferred
Galaxy Apps Store Galaxy Apps Store promotion consideration Preferred
Application submission/publishing outsourcing Premium


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