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SDP Developer Events and Resources

SDP Developer Events and Resources
Online SDP webinars and in-person SDP conferences to help developers

The SDP webinar and conference pages below contain:

  • Information about the presentation:
    • Purpose
    • Agenda
    • Time and date
    • How to register for upcoming presentations
  • Resources that you can review now:
    • To prepare for upcoming presentations
    • To review past presentations
    • Whenever you need to


NOTE:    Due to the real-time, interactive nature of webinars and conferences, SDP technicians may present details that have changed or are not complete.  
                For further details, see the related Samsung resources.


SDP Webinars and Conferences


Upcoming Events


Thursday, March 23, 2017
11:00 AM to 12:00 noon PDT
Galaxy Apps: Publishing Through Seller Office How to use Samsung Seller Office to publish your Android applications, in-app purchase items, themes for Galaxy phones, and Tizen Wearable apps for Samsung Gear devices 
Thursday, April 06, 2017
from 11:00 AM to 12:00 noon  PDT
Developing for the Edge An overview of how to design, develop, and market Edge panel and feed apps


You can register for upcoming webinars—for free—here:



Event Resources

The event webpages below have resources available now.

Successfully Launch Your Apps with Games for Samsung Promotion How Android game developers can enter the Games for Samsung program to publish their apps exclusively on Samsung’s Galaxy Apps Store with special promotions
Overview of the Samsung Mobile Theme Editor How to design and create themes, wallpapers, and icon packswithout any codingusing your own design resources and artwork
Samsung In-App Purchase and Promotional Opportunities with Galaxy Apps How to sell a variety of items and premium content inside your app, and a review of additional promotional and app marketing opportunities via Galaxy Apps
Product Overview of Samsung Gear S3 Important features and the operation of Gear S3 devices and other Gear devices
Gear S3 App Development Webinar Learn about Gear S3 capabilities and kick start development by creating a Heart Rate Monitor Web app.
Introduction to Watch Face Creation
with Gear Watch Designer Tool
How to create Watch Face products for Gear S2 and S3 devices using the Gear Watch Designer Tool.
Introduction to Watch Face Development with Tizen Studio How to develop Watch Face apps for Gear S2 and S3 devices, using Tizen Studio.



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