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Samsung Developer Program

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How to become a member of the Samsung Developer Program community

The Samsung Developer Program (SDP) provides you and other developers with Samsung's most comprehensive support service, from app design to development to publishing. 


To join the Samsung Developer Program:
  1. In a browser, navigate to the Samsung Developer Program home page (

  2. Click DEV PROGRAM

  3. In the Developer Program webpage, click Join Program

  4. In the Join the Samsung Developer Program webpage:
    1. Enter the following information about the person who the Samsung Developer Program will correspond with (SDP contactee):
      First Name Given name of the SDP contactee
      Last Name Surname of the person of the SDP contactee

      Email (Username)

      Email address of the SDP contactee

      This is also their SDP account username.
      If the SDP contactee or their company has a Samsung Account, it is recommended to use that account email address and checkmark the checkbox.


      If the SDP contactee represents a company, enter the name of the company.

      If the SDP contactee represents themselves, enter the first and last name of the contactee.

      NOTE:  It is recommended to enter the name of the company or individual under which your apps, theme products, and/or Gear watch faces will be registered with the Samsung Galaxy Apps Seller Office.


      If the SDP contactee represents a company, enter the country that the company is registered in or headquartered in.

      If the SDP contactee represents themselves, enter the country that the individual resides in.

    2. Review and agree to the program's terms and conditions by clicking Samsung Developer Program Terms and Conditions
    3. Review and agree to the Samsung Privacy Policy by clicking  Samsung Global privacy Policy
    4. Click Submit Application
      In 1-2 business days, your application will be reviewed and the SDP contactee will be notified via email.
  5. In your email app, you will receive an email address confirmation email from
  6. In the email, click Link to confirm your email
    In a few minutes, you will receive a second email with a temporary SDP account password.
  7. In the second email, follow the link to register a new password
  8. In the change password webpage, enter the temporary password and register a new password.
  9. Start enjoying the benefits of your Samsung Developer Program membership by logging into your SDP account at the SDP website (
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