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Ready to market your stellar app?

Samsung Developer Program is your gateway to app monetization success.

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Samsung Developer Program

Samsung Developer Program

Samsung Developer Program
Get expert help in marketing your apps and products via the Samsung mobile ecosystem

The Samsung Developer Program provides you with support to quickly design and develop your apps and products that are market-ready, get them certified and published, and manage their distribution and sales, and your finances.  


SDP Benefits

App promotion opportunities  - Promotion may increase daily downloads 4-5x

Monthly newsletter covering latest technologies and developer meetups

Technical Support responding in 12h during weekdays via SDP support ticketing

Seller Office registration, onboarding and certification support

Complimentary app testing on Samsung Smartphones and Tablets

Compatibility testing on announced, pre-released devices

An open invitation to biweekly technical webinars covering latest technologies



We support you throughout the lifecycle of your apps and products. 




We support you in getting your apps and products to market.






Need Help?  Have Questions?  See the documentation below.
Get instructional help from the SDP events and resources.
Get technical support from the experts.  It’s free!  Join the Samsung Developer Program here.


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