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The Seven Rules Of Monetization Design

When monetizing your game application, each decision can fundamentally affect the kind of game you make. Deciding whether to charge up-front, use in-app-purchases, and use advertising isn't something to take lightly.

To help guide you through this process, Oscar Clark, Evangelist at Unity Technologies, has identified seven rules which will help game designers make sure that this doesn't come at the cost of making an enjoyable game.

Learn About the Seven Rules of Monetization:

Rule 1: Utility - What Do Your Players Value?

Rule 2: Anticipation - Why Should They 'Expect Future Value'?

Rule 3: Scarcity - What Are The 'Opportunity Costs'? 

Rule 4: Timing - Understanding the Player Lifecycle

Rule 5: Repetition - Why Should Players Return to Play?

Rule 6: Evidence - Why Analytics Is Essential

Rule 7: Scale - The Ultimate Rule of Free-To-Play


Audience: Android mobile device game developers



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