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How can I enhance my Android app's UX ?

An introductory listing of the Samsung SDKs that your apps can integrate to improve your users' UX (including: graphic presentation, audio playback and recording, input, and user management)


The following Samsung SDK functionality can fit right in and expand your users horizons.

Look S-Pen SmartClip Screen and Metadata Capture


Enables enhanced screen capture that also captures app-specified metadata (text, URLs, and URIs) that your users can:

  • Use their S-Pen to capture part of a screen that contains one or more views with SmartClip metadata.
  • Can capture displayed text and graphics, and metadata text, URLs, and URIs.
  • Can review, copy, and use displayed and metadata text.
  • Can browse to bookmarks, and send URLs and URIs to friends via social media.

 For more details, see Integrating SmartClip.




Enables your Galaxy device apps to provide your users with:

  • Handwritten input (using fingers, Samsung S-Pens, other virtual pens, and real pens and styluses) that feels like they are writing on a notepad
  • Advanced editing features
  • Shape recognition and editing
  • Handwriting-to-text conversion

For SDK download, release notes, programming guides and API references (light and full versions), sample apps, and more, see the Pen website (

Samsung Motion SDK

Motion SDK

Enables your app to initiate actions based on your users' movement of their device. This imitation is determined by a variety of device sensors, performed quickly, such as answering a phone call by recognizing the user moving the device to their ear, and performed over a longer period of time, for example, the number of steps walked, or distance traveled.

For SDK download, release notes, programming guide, API reference and more, see the Motion website (

Samsung Camera SDK

Camera SDK

Enables your Galaxy device enhanced camera-based apps to provide your users with state of the art features, such as control-based hardware, convenient smart modes, various real-time filters, and fast processing of large size images.

For SDK download, release notes, programming guide, API reference and more, see the Camera website (


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