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Getting a Commercial Seller Office Account

How to get a Seller Office account to paid for market apps, products, and IAP in-app items

After you have gotten and activated your free Seller Office account, you can get a commerical Seller Office account, which is required: to distribute apps and products that users must pay for in order to download, and to distribute apps (whether free or paid-for) that offer IAP in-app items for sale.


To get a commercial Seller Office account:
  1. In a browser, navigate to the Seller Office main page or the Profile page, click the Request Commercial Status button.
  2. Complete all required Basic Information and Financial Information fields. 
  3. Submit the following required documents:
    • Business Registration Certification
    • Proof of Bank Account

NOTE: All documents must match the information provided in your profile and must be written in English. 

  1. Your Commercial Seller status will be approved upon completion of a financial review, which usually takes about 3 days.
    For more details, see the Seller Office Commercial Seller Request Guide.
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