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Changing a Listed Service App

To change a listed service app:

Note: The available actions depend on the current service app status.

  1. To change the information, binary files, items, prices, icons, and/or screenshots of a service app:

    1. BEFORE a service app is submitted: Follow To register a service app in the Samsung Seller Office Service Application Registration Guide.

    2. AFTER a service app has been submitted:

      1. Click [Its Update].

      2. Follow To review and change details of a registered service app.

  2. To stop the certification of a service app but keep it registered in Seller Office AFTER it has been submitted and BEFORE it is assigned Sale status:

    1. Click [Its Cancel].

  3. To restart the certification of a service app, follow To submit a registered service app for certification in the Samsung Seller Office Service Application Certification Guide.

  4. To temporarily stop Samsung Galaxy Apps Store distribution but keep Seller Office registration:

    1. Click [Its Suspend].

  5. To completely remove a service app from Seller Office registration and Galaxy Apps Store distribution:

    1. BEFORE a service app is submitted OR BEFORE it passes:

      1. Click [Its Delete].

  6. For service apps in the Sale state:

    1. Click [Its Suspend].

    2. Click [Its Terminate].

    3. Follow To suspend and terminate a registered service app.

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