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Searching For and Displaying Your Service Apps

  1. From the Seller Office Home screen, go to Applications > My Applications.
  2. All your service apps are displayed, along with their current status (Registration, Certification, or Sale). To view all apps by type, select the corresponding tab—All, Registering, Certification, Sale, or Rejected*.
    *Note that the Rejected tab only appears if you have an app that has been rejected.
  3. To search for a specific app or type of app, select your desired search criteria:
  4. Status 

    All   All of the states and their sub-states below.
      All All sub-states in this state.
      Registering Information is being entered.
      Re-Registering After being submitted, information is being changed and/or entered.
      Pre-Certification Registered, submitted, and being evaluated by pre-certification automated processing.
      All All sub-states in the state.
      Device Test  
      Content Review  
      Ready For Sale  
      Ready For Change  
      All All sub-states in the state.
      For Sale Being distributed in the Samsung Galaxy Apps Store.
      Suspended NOT being distributed in the Galaxy Apps Store, but certified and registered in Seller Office.

    Application Type 

    OS and platform supported by the service app:

    Android Google™ Linux®-based open-source OS for mobile devices.
    Gear Tizen™ Linux-based OS for Gear mobile devices.
    bada (ocean or sea) Samsung open-source OS for Wave mobile devices.
    All Type All of the above types.

    Content ID

    Service app identifier issued by Samsung Seller Office.

    Application Title

    Service app title name.

  5. Click Search.
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