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Reviewing Item Financial Report

The Financial Report presents acknowledged actual sales in accounting.

Depending on countries and payment methods, the delay may vary until the actual accounting of the amount confirmed in the Financial Report takes place. However, for Korean sellers, the monthly transfer will be processed even if the estimated transfer amount is less than the minimum transfer amount. 

For sellers in countries other than Korea, a minimum transfer amount is required in order to reduce the transaction fee.

To review commercial service app and item financial reports:
  • Ensure the service app has completed registration and has been submitted for certification (Samsung Seller Office Service Application Registration Guide).
  • Get the following (if applicable): information needed to make appropriate field entries.
  • Enter service app information in the service app default language or in English where specified.


Step 1 (login) must be completed before any other step is started or continued.

After some actions, an information popup that requires clicking a button (such as OK) is displayed.

Info popup steps are NOT indicated in this procedure.

  1. Log in to your Samsung Seller Office account:
    1. In your browser, navigate to the Samsung Seller Office website.
    2. If necessary, log in to your Seller Office account with your Samsung account email ID and password.
  2. Click Accounting > Financial Report.
  3. Generate financial report data for a specific time criteria:
    1. Specify the time criteria:
    2. Monthly Settlement

      Calendar month (yyyy-mm) for which to generate report data.

      To enter a start or end date, either directly enter the date or click [Calendar icon] and select the data.

    3. Click Result.
  4. Review the monthly settlement financial data:
    1. To create a Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet of the sales summary data, click Excel.
    2. To view other pages of items, click Page.
    3. Review the monthly settlement financial report data:

    Business Type 

    Business model applicable to the settlement:



    The seller responsible for the actual sales, and reporting and paying the value added tax to the EU. Samsung Electronics only receives a commission.




    Samsung Electronics buys from the seller and sells it to users. Samsung Electronics reports and pays the value-added tax to the EU.

    Country  The country in which the revenue is generated.

    Payment Method 

    The system used when the buyer paid for the purchase.
    Supported payment methods include the following: credit card, premium SMS, carrier billing, Micropayment, PayPal®, cyber cash, Qiwi (Russia only), WebMoney (Japan only), and pre-paid card (China only). 

    Settlement Period  

    Sales Amount 

    Sales Revenue  
    Samsung Commission  
    Transaction Fee + VAT  
    Accounting Amount  
    Account Amount (USD)  
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