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Power Consumption Test

The Power Consumption Test module causes your app to be launched, undergo the Monkey Test, taken into background mode and then idle mode (screen off).  The Power Consumption Test module monitors and measures test device battery power usage (amperage) for the duration of those operations.

NOTE:  When you request the Power Consumption Test, you may or may not request the Monkey Test. 

If you do not request the Monkey Test, its results will not be reported, but the Power Consumption Test results will be reported.  If you request both the Monkey Test and the Power Consumption Test, both test results will be reported.

Currently, the Power Consumption Test can be run for the following test devices:

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, model SM-G935T, OS v6.0
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4, model SM-N910P, OS v6.0.1

Test results include whether or not power usage was measured; and if so, a graph of minimum and average battery current (amps) over the duration of the Monkey Test (milliseconds).

NOTE:   Test results do NOT indicate whether your app meets power usage criteria.
You must evaluate the test results and determine whether or not your app meets YOUR criteria.


Test Sequence

  1. The test sets up power usage monitoring.
  2. The test initiates the Monkey test and device mode changes.
  3. The tests monitors test device battery power usage during tested app activities and idle modes.


Test Results

The following results are available by clicking the Power_Consumption_Test link in the Test Results Summary page (summary.xml), or by opening the Power_Consumption_Test.xml file in the unzipped file directory.  In the test results page, you can filter the displayed the results of each module test case to show all or only those results that were blocked.


Case ID

Unique name of the module's test case


Monitor and log test device battery power usage during tested app activities and idle modes.


Current state of testing the app via the test case:

Completed     All testing has finished.


Fundamental outcome of running the test case:

Passed        App power consumption was measured.

Failed         App power consumption was not measured.

Blocked      An internet connection could not be established OR the test device could not connect to the test server.


Information about the testing


Files with test case results data and information:

Log or Attachment         Link to test log (see below)



Test Results Attachment



The minimum and average current (Amps) drawn from the test device battery for the duration of testing (milliseconds).

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