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Samsung Developer Program

Publishing Lifecycle



Your mobile apps and products undergo the following steps in their publishing lifecycle of the Samsung Galaxy Apps ecosystem:


that your mobile apps and products can offer your users.


Design and Develop

You can publish the following types of apps and products via the Galaxy Apps store. 

Your apps, in-app items, and products must meet the policies, requirements, and guidelines in order to be certified for distribution via Galaxy Apps.

NOTE:  The Samsung Developer Program supports all Samsung ecosystem app and product developers (including Gear VR app developers) to get to market.


Register your apps and products with Samsung Seller Office.

Get your apps and products certified via Samsung Seller Office.
Typically, certification involves the following timelines:

  • Android Mobile Apps
    • Step 1: Content review and basic functional testing (Duration: 1 business day).
      If passed, your app will be provisionally published*  in the Galaxy Apps store.
      If not passed, you will be notified.
    • Step 2: Full functional testing for all compatible groups post release (Duration: 1 week).
      If not passed by any testing, app publishing will be suspended ONLY for the affected device groups**, and you will be notified.
      If passed by all testing, your app remains published.

  • Gear Apps, Gear Watch Face Products, Theme Products, and Edge Panel and Feed Products
    • Content review and basic functional testing (Duration: 3 business days).
      If passed, your app will be published*  in the Galaxy Apps store.
      If not passed, you will be notified.

* Your app or product will be provisionally or fully published immediately in the Samsung Galaxy Apps store, unless you specify a future date for publication during registration.

** Android apps are sequentially subjected to testing on each user device group (based on device screen resolution) to be tested.  If an app fails any test for a device group, app publishing is suspended for that device group, which means that users with devices in that group cannot purchase and download the app.

Distribute and promote your apps, products, and in-app items via Samsung Seller Office.

Get technical support from the experts.  It’s free!  Join the Samsung Developer Program here.

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