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Adding Image Files to Theme Parameters

When adding image files to theme parameters:

  • Image resolution tab activation:
    • The WQHD tab is always active for every group/subgroup.
    • In order to add an image file in another resolution tab, the tab MUST be activated.
    • After adding at least one image file in the WQHD tab, the other available image tabs for that parameter's cluster are activated, and it is optional to add image files for optimal display in the associated device displays. FHD and HD tabs are available for ALL theme clusters. The WQHD tab is available for the theme clusters indicated in the table below.
  • Adding image files:
    • The maximum and recommended image size for each image parameter in each resolution tab is displayed below each image box (height x width in pixels, such as 96x96).
      Caution: Inserting an image that is smaller than the recommended size may cause distortion.
    • Add an image file by drag-and-drop to an image box or clicking the image box to import the file.
    • If a theme parameter has more than four images, you can add multiple image files at one time:
      • Ensure the filenames of each image is the same as the source image.
      • Click Add All.
      • Navigate to and select (highlight) the image files.
      • Drag the selected files to where you want to add them.
  • To generate a WQHD APK theme project file AND to support WQHD (Note) devices:
    • Image files optimized for 640 dpi display can be added in the WQHD tab to any theme parameter.
    • Image files optimized for 560 dpi display must be added to following parameters in the WQHD (Note) tab:


Group / Subgroup / Cluster (and setting if needed)

Action bar background

Common / Action bar / Default


Common / Tab / Default


Phone / Dialer / Default

Tab background

Clock / Alarm / Default

Keypad background

Calculator / Calculator / [Keypad]

  • NOT adding image files:
    • When an image file is NOT added to a parameter in the FHD or HD tab, the WQHD tab image file for the parameter will be adjusted in size and used for the lower resolution.
    • When an image file is NOT added to a parameter in the WQHD (Note), the WQHD tab image file for the parameter will be adjusted in aspect ratio and used at the same resolution. 
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