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Image Control

Image display depends on the theme image files and the display dpi of the supported device or the local machine monitor. You can add image files in the following image resolution tabs to support the associated device displays:


Wide Quad High Definition, 16:9 aspect ratio, progressive scan (QHD or 1440p)

WQHD (Note) Wide Quad HD, 16:9 aspect ratio, progressive scan (used by devices such as Samsung Galaxy Note)

Full HD, 16:9 aspect ratio, interlaced scan (1080i)


High Definition, 16:9 aspect ratio, progressive scan (720p)


When an adding image files to one or more parameters:

  • An image file MUST be added in the WQHD tab. Adding image files in other tabs is then possible but is optional.
  • While you can add only some image files of each resolution to be supported, it is recommended that for ALL added images, you add image files of ALL resolutions to be supported.

Image files can be added in the WQHD tab and after that, to other tabs. Color, font, sound, and cover app settings are applied identically to ALL images in EACH resolution tab. However, the displayed image resolution and size on a supported device depends on the resolution of the image file added to the theme parameter. Additionally, resolution tab behavior depends on the image files added to theme parameters.

You can add image files (such as background, 9-patch, widget, and animated image files) by dragging and dropping an image to an image box or by clicking an image box, navigating to and selecting the file, and importing the file (for example, by clicking Open).

  • Red tab titles indicate one or more of the selected group/subgroup required parameters have not been set.
  • Black tab titles indicate that none of the selected group/subgroup parameters have been changed.
  • Blue tab title indicates the currently selected tab.
  • Gray-out tab titles indicate inactive tabs.

For source image files (LEFT-side):

  • To save a source image, mouse-over the image box and right-click Download.
  • To save multiple source images of a parameter, mouse-over image box and right-click Download all.
  • To save image files (but NOT animated image files), click Menu > Export resource images.
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