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Additional Color and Font Control

Color Picker

You can set the color and opacity of UI aspects (such as backgrounds, lines, and pre-defined shapes) and of Theme Editor UI preference settings (such as theme cluster outlines) via the Color Picker popup (for example, after clicking a color box parameter setting).


Color and Opacity Specification

  • Theme Editor supports color specification via:
    • Hex, RGB (Red Green Blue), or HSB (Hue Saturation Brightness) code entry
    • 1- or 2-dimensional color selection
  • Aspect transparency can range from invisible (0% opacity) to completely solid (100% opacity).

Swatch Selection

  • To keep a color as an easy-to-use swatch: 1) specify the color, and 2) click Add to swatches.
  • Swatches (or recent colors) are automatically saved for later use.

Font Effect

You can apply up to four font effects to certain theme parameters (such as Home screen / Weather widget / Clock font effect) by clicking the TS_UG_SettingControl_38.png icon.


Font Effect Settings

Drop shadow


Adds a shadow behind the text



Percentage of transparency (0% - invisible to 100% solid)



Length (in pixels) the shadow extends from the right side of the text



Thickness (in pixels) of the shadow



Adds a sharp edge border around the text



Thickness (in pixels) of the border



Color of the border

Outer glow


Adds a blurred edge border around the text



Thickness (in pixels) of the border



Color of the border

Linear gradient


Adds 2-color text (black and a gradient color) with vertical shading



1 or more sliders that control the vertical spacing of the gradient

  1. Click on empty space below the gradient bar to add a slider.
  2. Drag and drop to reposition a slider left/right.



Gradient color



Vertical location in the text (in percentage: 0% at the bottom, 100% at the top) where the selected slider is currently positioned
This setting provides accurate numerical control of each slider's position.

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