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Theme Parameter Setting Control

Samsung Mobile UI Theme Editor parameters and their settings

Theme parameter settings are controlled in the following ways.

Fundamental Properties of Theme Parameter Settings

  • To register your theme, some theme parameters MUST be set:
    • Required parameters that are NOT set: TS_UG_SettingControl_1.png        
    • Required parameters that ARE set: TS_UG_SettingControl_2.png                
  • When available:
    • To set the image directory of your local machine, click TS_UG_SettingControl_3.png.
    • To use Common group parameter settings, click the key parameter's Linked to Common setting.
    • To download an image setting, right-click [Image box] and select Download image.
  • Text below an image or color box indicates: recommended image pixel size, color HEX numbers, and settings that are either conditionally applied or apply to a specified area.
    TS_UG_SettingControl_4.png TS_UG_SettingControl_5.png TS_UG_SettingControl_6.png TS_UG_SettingControl_7.png
  • In a reference theme image box:
    • A checkerboard area indicates a transparent area. 
    • The following indicate the recommended shape. If you set a new color, the shape remains. If you set a new image, the image can fill the entire box area.
      TS_UG_SettingControl_8.png TS_UG_SettingControl_9.png TS_UG_SettingControl_10.png TS_UG_SettingControl_11.png
    • The following indicate which UI aspect, of several similar aspects, is entirely controlled by the setting (for example, you can change the UI calculator buttons 3 and +/- with selected images).
      TS_UG_SettingControl_12.png TS_UG_SettingControl_13.png


Current Theme Parameter Setting

The current setting of a theme parameter is indicated by: a selected setting (radio button, slider, selected entry in a list), or by the LEFT-side color or image box, which can be:

  • Not set


    Color box


    Image box


     9-Patch image box





    (with recommended and maximum pixel size)

  • Set by the reference theme
    • Set directly by the parameter's setting


      Color box


      Image box



    • Set indirectly by a parent-linked parameter setting (indicated by a figure-8 link icon in the child)
      To display the parent-linked parameter, right-click the child and select Go to linked item.
      Note: After changing a child setting, the link and its link icon are removed.   
  • Set by your theme, either directly or indirectly by a linked parameter.


    Color box


    Image box




    Child-linked parameter (with parent setting)


Changing a Theme Parameter Setting

You can change a parameter setting by the following types of control:

  • Color Controls
    • To set a new color, click [RIGHT-side color box].
      (for details, see Color Picker below)
    • To set a recent or swatch color, right-click [RIGHT-side color box] and select [Recent color].
      Note: Recent colors are also swatch colors.
    • For linked parameters:
      • To set a child-linked parameter (which removes the link), use recent colors or the Color Picker.
      • To set a parent-linked parameter (which maintains the link), right-click [Child setting], select Go to linked, and set the parent using recent colors or the Color Picker.
  • Image Controls
    • Caution: Inserting an image that is smaller than the recommended size may cause distortion.
    • To set an image parameter, click [RIGHT-side image box] and import an appropriate image file.
    • To edit a 9-Patch image, click a filled-in, RIGHT-side image box, clicking TS_UG_SettingControl_32.png.
      For details, see 9-Patch Editor below.
    • Animated images
      For some parameters, you can add a series of animated image files and configure how they are displayed. In the parameter: select Animated and click the image box. In the Animated Image Popup: add the image files (for the initial frame and following action frames) and set their configuration. For details, see Animated Image Popup below.
  • Sound Controls
    • Click TS_UG_SettingControl_33.png to add a sound by selecting its file.
    • Click TS_UG_SettingControl_34.png to play the sound.
    • Click TS_UG_SettingControl_35.png to remove the sound file from Theme Editor.
  • Other Controls
    • Clicking a radio button
    • Clicking and dragging an icon or clicking and typing an entry (such as a slider knob)
    • Clicking TS_UG_SettingControl_38.png to open the Font Effect popup
      (for details, see Font Effect below)
    • Clicking and selecting a listed setting

Resetting a Theme Parameter Setting

In the Parameter Panel, clicking TS_UG_SettingControl_40.png (Reset) for a parameter causes the parameter setting to go to its reference theme condition, which may or may not be set and may NOT be the previous setting. The setting prior to reset is LOST. Recovery requires: re-entering the previous setting, reloading the previous image, or re-opening the previously saved theme project WITHOUT saving the current project.

In the Color Picker popup or in an image upload popup, clicking Cancel stops the changing of the parameter.

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