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Theme Editor Installation

You must install the Samsung Theme Editor application and then use it to design and develop your theme products  (full-screen themes, main page and lock screen wallpapers, and icon packs).


To install Samsung Theme Editor on your local machine:

  1. In your browser, navigate to the Theme Service website for Samsung developers.
  2. Click Get Access and log in via your Samsung account.
  3. Download the Samsung_Android_Theme_Editor for your device OS .zip file to your local machine.
  4. Extract (unzip) the downloaded Theme Editor .zip file. If applicable, extract all files without encryption.
  5. Extract (unzip) the Samsung_Android_Theme_Editor .zip file for your local machine's OS.
  6. Navigate into the extracted directory and double-click to run the Theme Editor .exe file (for example, Samsung_Android_Theme_Editor_for_Win_v1.1.0).
  7. If necessary, grant permission to launch the installation wizard.
  8. In the installation wizard:
    1. Read and agree to the Theme Editor license.

      TS_ThemeInstallation_1.png             TS_ThemeInstallation_2.png

    2. Follow the wizard and then click Finish.
  1. Navigate to your application startup area (for example, the Start Menu in Windows®) and start up Theme Editor.
  2. When the Theme Editor startup screen (above) is displayed, installation has been successful.
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