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Theme Editor Overview

Introduction to developing and publishing your Samsung mobile UI themes, wallpapers, and icon packs


Samsung Theme Service helps Android™ device theme designers and developers achieve their UX (User Experience) design goals. Theme Service is currently available on select devices released since April 2015, with more devices to be supported in the future.

To use Theme Editor, you need to get a Theme partnership, have the proper development environment, and get and install the Theme SDK.

Theme Development, Distribution, and Management Overview

After using Theme Editor to create your themes, you register and get them certified via Samsung Seller Office. After certification, they are published in the Samsung Theme Store—your portal to sell and distribute your themes. You can manage distribution, sales, and financial accounting via the Samsung Seller Office.

To create, distribute, and manage your theme:

  • Your theme representative(s) must have a:
    • Samsung Account user account.  To sign up, see
    • Theme Partnership
    • The proper Seller Office account:
      • To freely distribute your theme, you need either a free or commercial Seller Office account.
      • To commercially distribute your theme, you need a commercial Seller Office account.
  1. Develop your theme:
  2. Register your theme and its package file(s) with the Samsung Galaxy Apps Seller Office.
    For details, see Registering Your Theme.
  3. If necessary, finalize development and update your theme registration:
    • Update the Seller Office registration of your theme, which includes but is not limited to the following:
      • Ensure all theme information is up to date (including final .stp package files and prices).
      • Ensure the countries your theme is to be distributed to are specified.
      • Ensure the user devices that your theme is to be distributed to are specified. Devices must be a Samsung device with the following clients installed: Samsung Account Client, Samsung Galaxy Apps Store Client, Samsung Billing Client (commercial themes).
  4. Submit your theme for certification.
    For details, see Submitting Your Theme for Certification.
  5. Manage theme distribution, sales, and finances via the Samsung Galaxy Apps Seller Office:



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