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Theme Product Lifecycle Overview

Steps to design, develop, and publish your themes, wallpapers, and icon packs

Samsung Theme Service provides information, tools, and support to help Samsung Android™ device theme product designers and developers achieve their UX design goals and get their products out in the marketplace.

NOTE:  When used in a general sense, the term theme can refer to mobile UI themes, wallpapers, and icon packs (which are specifically referred to as theme products).

When 1 type of theme product is specifically referred to, 1 of the following terms are used:  theme, theme wallpaper (or wallpaper), and theme icon pack (or icon pack).

You can freely or commercially publish 1 or more theme products.  You will need to get the proper user accounts.  You design your theme products to meet Samsung design criteria.  You use the Theme Editor application to create your theme products.  You register and get them certified via the Samsung Galaxy Apps Seller Office.  After certification, they are published in the Theme Store (part of the Samsung Galaxy Apps store)—your portal to distribute and sell your free and commercial theme products. You manage distribution, sales, and financial accounting via the Seller Office.


To design, develop, and publish your themes, wallpapers, and icon packs:

  1. See Your Potential
  • Consult the Samsung Themes Seller Magazine:
    • Theme development notices, Big Data analysis results, and upcoming events
    • Interview Q&As with theme developers
    • Theme collection promotion schedule
    • 2016 award-winning themes
  • Review the developer support provided by the Samsung Developer Program.
  1. User Accounts
  • Optional  Samsung Account to coordinate with publishing and managing your theme products in Seller Office. 
  • Theme partnership account to access Theme Service information and documentation, and download the Theme Editor.
  • The proper Seller Office account:
    • To freely distribute your theme, you need either a free or commercial Seller Office account.
    • To commercially distribute your theme, you need a commercial Seller Office account.
  1. Theme Product Design and Development
  1. Theme Product Registration
  1. Theme Product Certification

Typically, certification involves content review and basic functional testing (Duration: 3 business days).

If passed, your app will be published*  in the Galaxy Apps store.
If not passed, you will be notified.

* Your theme product will be provisionally or fully published immediately in the Samsung Galaxy Apps store, unless you specify a future date for publication during registration.

  1. Theme Product Publication Management
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