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Theme Publishing Overview

Publishing your themes, wallpapers, and icon packs

Samsung Theme Service provides information, tools, and support to help Samsung Android™ device theme product designers and developers achieve their UX design goals. Theme Service is currently available for select Samsung user devices released since April 2015, with more devices to be supported in the future.

You can commercially or freely distribute your theme products  (full-screen themes, main page and lock screen wallpapers, and icon packs) via the Samsung Theme Store available to worldwide users via the Samsung Galaxy Apps store.



Publishing your free or commercial theme product in the Samsung Theme Store section of the Galaxy Apps Store results in its distribution, either for free or after payment, in selected available countries.  

Publishing involves the following:

  • Designing and developing your theme product to meet the applicable policies and requirements that govern both Samsung Seller Office and Samsung Galaxy Apps store. 
  • Registering your theme product with Samsung Seller Office.
  • Submitting your theme product for certification by Samsung.
  • After passing certification, your theme product will be distributed via the Theme Store section of the Samsung Galaxy Apps store.
  • After being published:
    • You can monitor and change the distribution, commercial, and financial aspects of your theme products via Seller Office.
    • Users can review your theme products available for their user device, and purchase, pay for, and download products via their Samsung Account user account.


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