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Unity IAP Services

How to implement Samsung IAP functionality via the Unity IAP API

The Unity IAP API makes it easy to implement in-app purchases in your application across the most popular app stores.


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This section presents links to documents that support implementing Samsung In-App Purchase (IAP) functionality in your service app by integrating the Unity IAP API and meeting specific Galaxy Apps store requirements.

Unity IAP

  • Home page for integrating Unity IAP: setup configuration, cross app store platform guidelines, app store guidelines, and how to implement a store.

Samsung Galaxy IAP Configuration

  • How to establish the digital records and relationships necessary for a Unity app to interact with an in-app purchase store.

Configuring for the Tizen Store

  • How to establish the digital records and relationships necessary for a Unity game to interact with the Tizen Store, including: registering your app, setting up your in-app items, testing, and deployment.

Samsung Galaxy Apps Extended Functionality

  • How developers can perform IAP integration testing in the developer modes of operation.
  • How to integrate the IAP functionality to enable user restoration of transactions to maintain access to content they’ve already purchased. 

Tizen Store Extended Functionality

  • How the ID of in-app item groups are passed to the Unity IAP.
  • How developers can test in-app purchases using the Beta test functionality of the Tizen Seller Store, instead of the IAP developer modes. 
  • How Unity IAP processing of purchase restoration ignores consumable items.


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