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startPayment(_itemGroupId, _itemId, _showSuccessDialog)

DEPRECATED Use startPayment ( _itemId, _showSuccessDialog, _onPaymentListener).

Requests a purchase.

public void startPayment(String _itemGroupId, String _itemId, boolean _showSuccessDialog, ​OnPaymentListener _onPaymentListener)



Unique identifier of the group of items issued by Samsung Galaxy Apps to service apps in order for them to link to IAP.

For IAP 3.0 and later, this parameter is not used; PackageName of third-party service app is used instead. _itemGroupId is maintained for backward compatibility.



Unique identifier value of the commercial product item to be purchased (for example, "000000057509”).

Each item ID is assigned by and can be reviewed in Samsung Seller Office.



Whether or not after successful purchase and payment processing to display the IAP dialog box that notifies the end user that purchasing was successful:

true: The IAP dialog box is to be displayed.

NOTE: The dialog box is not displayed after a failed process.

false: The IAP dialog box is not to be displayed.

NOTE: For all third-party service apps, after successful processing WHEN _ showSuccessDialog = false, service app logic and code must inform the end user that the item was successfully purchased.



Name of the OnPaymentListener() interface that specifies the data and startPayment()processing results to be returned.

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