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In-App Purchase Architecture

Providing In-App Purchase (IAP) functionality as an Android™ package via AIDL has numerous advantages but requires IAP integration developers to employ specialized Android skills to manage various processes, including linking to the IAP service, linking Samsung accounts, and running the IAP package validity tests. 

The diagram below indicates the IAP method calls your service app logic and code must make in order to integrate IAP functionality, and the IAP method call your service app server makes when you implement server-to-server purchase verification (in black). The diagram also indicates the components and their interactions that IAP provides (in blue).



From IAP v2.0, the following minor changes related to IAP Helper apply to IAP v3.0:

  • IAP Library was changed to IAP Helper.
  • The packages to have been renamed: IAP Helper and included Sample.
  • The IAP SDK development environment has changed from Eclipse to Android Studio 1.1.0, the industry-standard development environment.    
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