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Importing the Open IAB Unity Plugin

Before importing and using the plugin, ensure that you have registered your service app and its commercial items in the Samsung Apps Seller Office, regardless of whether your app is in production, development, or testing phases.

After getting a local copy of a built Open IAB Unity plugin, you can import and use it. 


Importing the Open IAB Unity plugin into your Unity project
  1. Start Unity and open the project.
  2. Import the plugin using one of the following methods:

Drag and drop: Open the window with the local copy of the plugin file. Then drag and drop the plugin file to your current Unity window.

File selection: 

  1. Click Assets > Import Package > Custom Package.



  1. Navigate to the Unity package file OpenIAB-plugin.unitypackage and click Open.



  1. In the Importing Package window, check the Plugins directory and click Import.


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