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Building the Open IAB Unity Plugin

The Open IAB plugin can be downloaded here. If you are unable to download the built plugin successfully, skip the procedure in this section. 

In case you experience problems in downloading the build Open IAB plugin, you can download the library source code and build the plugin manually. If there is an updated version of the plugin package and plugins source code, you have to download the latest plugin package or build it from the updated source code. 


Building the Open IAB plugin from source code
  1. Download the Open IAB library here.
  2. Paste the library in the root level of the project folder. 


  1. In the Open IAB Unity Plugin folder, press Shift then right-click and select Open Command Window here.


  1. Enter the following command:
gradlew clean buildPlugin


  1. After a success build, the Unity package file can be found in the unity_plugin/build/outputs folder. 


NOTE: You can modify the build path of the Unity package file by changing the unityExecutable property in the file.

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