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Purchase Fields

Modifier and Type

Field and Description

public string


Kind of commercial item:

00      Consumable

01      Non-consumable

02      Non-recurring subscription

03      Auto-recurring subscription

public string


Unique identifier of the transaction that corresponds to the Google Wallet™ Order ID. For Samsung, this is the payment ID.

public string


Application package from which the purchase originated.

public string


SKU identifier of the item.

For all items available for sale, their SKUs must be specified in the application's product list on the app store console. For the Samsung Galaxy Apps Store, this is the item ID.

For details, see the OpenIAB Unity Plugin Integration Guide.

public long


Time (milliseconds after Jan. 1, 1970) when the product was purchased.

public int


Current status of the purchase order:

0         Purchased

1         Canceled

2         Refunded 

This field is not applicable to Samsung IAP, which does not have a purchase state.

public string


A developer-specified string that contains supplemental information about the order.

This string is used for verification purposes to check if the purchase is legitimate or not. The app store returns the developer payload and is matched with the developer payload from the app.

This field is NOT applicable to Samsung IAP and is assigned a blank string.

public string


This token uniquely identifies the purchase of the associated item and user pair. For Samsung, this token corresponds to the purchase ID.

public string


The JSON string sent by the current app store upon purchasing or when querying. The string contains the purchase details and is used to make the Purchase object.

public string


The signature of the JSON string, which is used in building the Purchase object.

public string


Current app store name.

public string


Purchase receipt of the order.

This is supported in iOS® only.

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