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OpenIAB Unity Plugin Error Response Codes

Modifier and Type

Field and Description

public static final int


No error. The request was successfully processed as specified.

public static final int


The payment transaction was canceled by the user.

public static final int


Failure during IAP initialization.

public static final int


Samsung IAP needs to be upgraded to the latest version to access certain features.

public static final int


Error while running IAP.

public static final int


A purchase has been requested for a non-consumable, non-recurring subscription, or an auto-recurring subscription item, but the item has already been purchased.

public static final int


Payment is requested without bundle information.

public static final int


A purchase has been requested for an SKU that does not exist in the store.

public static final int


The payment result is not received after requesting payment from the server, and the purchased item list is not confirmed.

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