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Item Purchase Processing Modes

OpenIAB.samsungIapMode(int MODE) supports three Samsung IAP modes that control how requested commercial item purchases are processed. To test the service under various conditions or production testing during development, it is recommended to test your service app under both test modes. 

In Developer Test mode, each consumable item can be repurchased at any time, each non-consumable item can be repurchased 10 minutes after the previous purchase, each non-recurring item can be repurchased after their specified time of expiry, and each auto-recurring subscription item can be repurchased two hours after the previous purchase.

CAUTION: Before releasing your service app for store distribution, set it to production mode. In either test mode, NO financial transactions will occur after any item purchase request.


Production Mode


This is the mode for production where the actual payment process occurs. When releasing your application, make sure to set it to production mode. The parameter value is 0.

OpenIAB.samsungIapMode(IAP MODE COMMERCIAL); // Production Mode


Test Success Mode


This test mode always returns successful results. The parameter value is 1.

OpenIAB.samsungIapMode(IAP MODE TEST SUCCESS); // Developer Test Mode (Success) 


Test Failure Mode 


This test mode always returns failed results. The parameter value is -1.

OpenIAB.samsungIapMode(IAP MODE TEST FAIL); // Developer Test Mode (Failure)

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