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Samsung In-App Purchase Overview

Samsung In-App Purchase, available in over 90 countries that support Galaxy Apps' paid services, supports a range of payment methods (including credit card, phone bill, and PayPal).  At the time of user purchase, Samsung IAP manages getting and displaying the sales information of a user-selected in-app item (such as availability, current price, and payment options).

NOTE:     Starting with Samsung In-App Purchase SDK 4.0, your Gear apps can now offer in-app items for sale, and these transactions are managed via Samsung Billing, which makes purchase and payment processing more robust because Samsung Billing is preloaded on all new Samsung Galaxy devices.

To offer in-app items, you register, get distribution approval, and manage your app and in-app items via Galaxy Apps Seller Office.  This section explains how to register and manage your commercial in-app items offered by your IAP‑integrated Android apps that are distributed (freely or commercially) via the Galaxy Apps store.   You have several options regarding registering, submitting them for certification and distribution approval, and managing your IAP-integrated app and its in-app items after they are certified (both before and after they are actively distributed via the Galaxy Apps store).

NOTE:  Your IAP-integrated app and all in-app items must pass certification in order to be distributed via the Samsung Galaxy Apps store.  After your IAP-integrated app and items have passed, new in-app items must be submitted for and pass certification. 


Before registering in-app items to your app:

  1. You must be registered as a Samsung Seller Office Commercial Seller.
    For details, see the Partnership Process.
  2. All of your app's binary files must:
    1. Meet Samsung Galaxy App store policies, requirements, and guidelines.
      For details, see the Seller Office Policies and the Seller Office Requirements and Guidelines sections.
    2. Integrate IAP API method calls and functionality. 
      For details, see Samsung In-App Purchase.
  3. Your app and its binary files must be registered in the Galaxy Apps Seller Office. 
    For details, see Seller Office Application Registration.

NOTE:     If these conditions are not met, the In-App Purchase tab will not be active in the Seller Office Add New Application menu.

For details about Samsung terms and condition and the Samsung privacy policy, which can affect in-app item registration and pricing, in the Samsung Seller Office website, click the Samsung Terms & Condition and Privacy Policy links at the bottom of the web page.


After you register an IAP-integrated binary file to your app, Seller Office assigns a unique ID and a changeable title to the group of in-app items to be registered to your app.  The item group ID and title are displayed in the Seller Office In App Purchase list of in-app items registered to your app, which is displayed in the Add New Application by clicking the In-App Purchase menu item.



All binary files with the same package name will be associated with the same in-app item group ID and title.  You cannot change the assigned item group ID. However, you can change the item group title by clicking Modify and entering and saving a new title.

NOTE:   A binary file cannot be registered if it has the same package name of a binary file that was registered by any OTHER Seller Office Commercial Seller, even after the file was deleted.

If you encounter this:
1) In the Seller Office UI, click Support > 1:1 ENQUIRY
2) In the Samsung For Developers Content & Services Customer Support website, click Contact us
3) In the Contact us form, please fill out the form with the details and click Submit



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