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In-App Item Management

After you register your Samsung In-App Purchase (IAP) integrated app and your in-app items with Seller Office,  IAP enables you to sell additional content (in‑app items) to your users from within your Android apps that are distributed via the Galaxy Apps store:

  • Consumable items  (such as coins, lives, food, or potions)
  • Non-consumable items  (such as a race course, or a premium upgrade of the user's account)
  • Non-recurring subscription items  (such as enhancements for the user's game character)
  • Auto-recurring subscription items  (such as a monthly game newsletter)

1 in-app item can be 1 thing or a group of many things (of the same in-app item type).

Samsung In-App Purchase and supporting components manage the backend processing of purchase pricing, the purchase transaction, record-keeping, and financial reporting.  You can manage your in-app items via Seller Office (such as updating prices, reviewing distribution and purchase reports, create and modify promotional efforts, and review profit financial records).

NOTE: For details about integrating IAP, see the In-App Purchasing section.




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