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In-App Purchasing

In-App Purchasing
Enable and manage the sale of commercial items from within your apps

Freely and commercially distributed service applications can integrate Samsung In-App Purchase (IAP) functionality to enable the sale of commercial items directly from their service app.  

Integrating IAP functionality into your service app can be accomplished by integrating any one of the following APIs:

  • Samsung In-App Purchase API, which provides the simplest integration to enable distribution via the Samsung Galaxy Apps Store.
  • OpenIAB Unity Plugin that Unity service apps can integrate to enable distribution via all OpenIAB-compliant app stores.
  • Unity IAP Services, which help you implement Samsung IAP functionality via the Unity IAP API.

In-app item sales also involves the following:

  • Registering and certifying your app and its in-app items  via Samsung Seller Office.
  • Managing app and in-app item pricing, promotions, and finances via Seller Office.
  • Samsung In-App Purchase server to direct and coordinate item purchasing (including getting latest prices and user authorization).
  • Users must have their own Samsung Account (SA) to authorize item purchases.
  • Samsung Billing to provide IAP functionality, and also support pricing, purchasing, and financial processing.




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