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Samsung Developer Program

Gear VRf Developer Guide

Develop VR applications and games via the GearVRf API


Welcome to GearVRf development !

The Gear VR Framework (GearVRf) allows Android developers to create virtual reality Java applications for the Gear VR and Google Daydream View.

GearVRf manages VR application tasks, which reduces your application code.

With the GearVRf API, you can focus on your 3D models and animation - GearVRf does the heavy lifting.


Gear VRf Developer Guide
    GearVRf Development Overview
    GearVRf FAQ
    GearVRf Features
         Loading Assets
         Render Data
         Phong Shader Template
         Built-In Legacy Shaders
         Writing Custom Shaders
     Build Instructions
     GearVRf Settings Files
     Writing a Basic GearVRf Application
             Step 1 Impement Your Activity
             Step 2 Implement Your VR World
             Step 3 Implement onStep
     Writing More Advanced GearVRf Applications
               Implementing GVRActivity
               Setting Up the Camera Rig and Cameras
               Creating the Scene Graph


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