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Step 9: Build and Run the Application


In this step, you build and run the Gear VR app or game.

For other steps in this exercise, see Exercise 4: Add Functionality


To build and run the application:

  1. From the Unity menu, select File > Build Settings.


  1. In the Build Settings window, make sure the Scenes In Build section lists the following two files in order: 
    • Workshop/Scenes/Splash.unity (0)
    • Workshop/Scenes/Main.unity (1)


  1. Confirm that the Platform is set to Android and Texture Compression is set to ETC2 (GLES 3.0).


  1. Connect your device to your machine via USB and click the Build & Run button.


  1. In the Build Android dialog box, give your APK a filename and click Save.


  1. Once Unity has finished building your app, an Insert device message will appear on your device. Disconnect your device from the computer, connect it to your Gear VR, and review your finished app.


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