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Step 6: Define the Object Tags


In this step, you define object tags for UI buttons.

For other steps in this exercise, see Exercise 4: Add Functionality.


To define the object tags: 

  1. From the Unity menu, select Edit > Project Settings > Tags and Layers.


  1. From the Inspector view, expand the Tags section.


  1. Click the Add (+) button to add a tag. Set the value of the Tag 0 field to IncrementButton.


  1. Add two more tags set to the following values:
    • Tag 1: DecrementButton
    • Tag 2: SlideshowButton

NOTE: The IncrementButton, DecrementButton, and SlideshowButton tags were created specifically for this workshop, and you must use these tags in the app. If you misspell or use different tags, the buttons in the app will not work.


  1. From the Hierarchy view, select the Buttons > Button_Advance object. 


  1. From the Inspector view, change the Tag property to IncrementButton.


  1. Change the Button_Slideshow object's tag to SlideshowButton and the Button_Decrement object's tag to DecrementButton.


  1. Save the scene.


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