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Step 3: Add a Reticle to the Camera


In this step, you add a reticle to the camera.

For other steps in this exercise, see Exercise 4: Add Functionality.


To add a reticle to the camera:

  1. From the Hierarchy view, select Create > 2D Object > Sprite.


  1. Drag the New Sprite object onto the Main Camera object to nest the sprite.


  1. From the Inspector view, change the name of the sprite to Reticle.


  1. From the Transform component, click the Gear icon and select Reset


  1. From the Project view, open the /Assets/Workshop/Textures folder and drag the Reticle file into the Sprite Renderer > Sprite field in the Inspector view.


  1. From the Transform component, change the Position property's Z value to 5. The reticle should be placed directly in front of the slideshow button.


  1. Change the Scale property's X, Y, and Z values to 0.1.


  1. Click the Add Component button and select Scripts > Reticle. This will use the position of the reticle to direct the trajectory of the ray.


  1. From the Reticle component, set the Pressed Color property to green


  1. Click the Play button to preview the scene. You should be able to see the white reticle displayed in front of the slideshow button.


  1. Click the Play button again to stop the preview.



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