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Exercise 4: Add Functionality

With both scenes of your app built, now it's time to add some functionality to the image viewer. This app uses a ray cast system, where a ray is triggered from the camera and collides with an object. When the collision occurs, this will read out an object name or tag that tells the system to carry out a specific event. In this app, you will implement forward and back controls, along with an image slideshow function when the buttons are triggered. 

In this exercise, you will learn how to:

  • Create a raycaster to trigger the buttons in the app
  • Create a reticle to target the button in the app
  • Create an object that manages user input, like clicking or tapping
  • Create an object that tells the app to cycle through different backgrounds when a button is tapped
  • Create and implement object tags
  • Implement a script to define image cycling properties, like duration and mode
  • Create an object that loads images onto the inverted sphere object
  • Build and run the completed app on a Gear VR device

For other related exercises, see Create VR App or Game Using a Game Engine.



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