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Step 5: Download the Oculus Signature File


Oculus requires that all applications accessing VR functionality use a unique signature file created with a specific Samsung Galaxy Device ID. This signature file will access low-level device functions through APIs provided in the Oculus Mobile SDK. 

For other steps in this exercise, see Exercise 2: Create a Splash Screen.


To download the Oculus signature file:

  1. From your computer, navigate to the location of your Oculus signature file. 

NOTE: You should have downloaded your Oculus signature file when setting your development environment. For Mac OS X instructions, click here. For Windows instructions, click here.


  1. Return to Unity. From the Project view, right-click the Assets folder. Select Create > Folder and name the new folder Plugins.


  1. Within the Plugins folder, create a new folder named Android.


  1. Within the Android folder, create a new folder named assets.

NOTE: The /Plugins/Android/assets path must be created and named exactly as directed above.


  1. From the Project view, open the /Assets/Plugins/Android/assets folder and drag your Oculus signature file into the folder.


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