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Step 4: Add a Prefab to the Scene


In this step, you add a prefab to the splash screen scene.

For other steps in this exercise, see Exercise 2: Create a Splash Screen.


To add a prefab to a scene:

  1. From the Project view, open the /Assets/Workshop/Prefabs folder and drag the Logo_1 prefab into the Hierarchy view.

TIP: Hold down the Alt/Option key and click-drag the scene to orbit around the view's pivot point. For more tips on using the Scene view, review the Unity Manual


  1. From the Inspector view, go to the Transform component and make sure the following values are set:
    • Position: (0, 0, 30)
    • Rotation: (-90, -180, 0)

TIP: In addition to using the Inspector view, you can also position an object in the Scene view by dragging the object by one of its axes. 


  1. From the Unity menu, select Window > Lighting.


  1. From the Lighting view, select the Scene tab and go to the Environment Lighting section.


  1. To the right of the Skybox field, click the Target button. In the Select Material window, choose the Skybox material.


  1. From the Scene view, review the splash screen.



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