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Step 3: Apply Materials to an Object


In this step, you apply materials to an object.

For other steps in this exercise, see Exercise 2: Create a Splash Screen.


To apply materials to an object:

  1. With the Box_Inv object selected, go to the Inspector view and locate the Mesh Renderer component. 


  1. Expand the Materials section. Here you will see a Size property and several Element slots. The Size property dictates the number of Element slots. In this case, there are six - one for each side of the inverted box object. Changing the materials in the Element slots will change the background image for the splash scene.


  1. From the Project view, open the /Assets/Workshop/Materials folder. There are six different Box materials, each with a number appended. These numbers correspond to the Box_Inv object's Element slots in the Mesh Renderer > Materials setting.


  1. Drag the Box_0_Back.mat file into the Element 0 property field.


  1. Repeat Step 4 for the five remaining Element slots.


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