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Step 2: Add a Cube Mesh to the Scene


Now you can add content to your splash screen, starting with a game object. Considered a Unity project building block, a game object can be a piece of geometry, a script that is defined by specific components, or object properties and behaviors. 

For other steps in this exercise, see Exercise 2: Create a Splash Screen.


To add a cube mesh to your scene:

From the Project view, open the /Assets/Workshop/Meshes folder and drag the Box_Inv object into the Hierarchy view. The Box_Inv object is a 3D inverted cube mesh - or shape - that you will use as the background of your splash screen. By default, this box has a plain gray texture, or surface. You will place a different material on each side of the cube to create a background image.

NOTE: You can also drag the object into the Scene view, but dragging it into the Hierarchy view will position the object at (0, 0, 0).


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