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Step 1: Build the Splash Screen


In this step, you create a splash screen.

For other steps in this exercise, see Exercise 2: Create a Splash Screen.


To build a splash screen: 

  1. Launch Unity.


  1. From the Unity menu, select File > Save Scene.


  1. Name the file Splash.unity and save it to the /Assets/Workshop/Scenes folder in your Unity project. 

NOTE: In the /Scenes/CatchUpScenes directory are multiple versions of the Splash screen file, each with a number prefix. These numbers correspond to the exercises in this series. We recommend that you create and use your own scenes, but if you want to start with clean files, use these files.


  1. From the Hierarchy view, select the Main Camera object. You will see the object selected in the Scene view and its details displayed in the Inspector view.
    • Hierarchy view: Displays the relationship of all the objects in a scene
    • Scene view: Displays your scene in free point of view (can look at a scene from all angles)
    • Inspector view: Displays all of the components and properties of a selected object in a scene.


  1. From the Inspector view, go to the Transform component and change the Position property's Y and Z values to 0.


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