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GearVRf Project News

Here's the latest about the GearVRf Project !

Feb 26 2017: New controller for Gear VR announced! Support in the GearVRf SDK coming soon. 

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Feb 14 2017: The GVRf team will be attending GDC. Log into your Samsung Developer Account and let us know if you'd like to meet!

Jan 4 2017: At CES, Samsung proudly announced that over 5 million Gear VR headsets have been sold!

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Dec 6 2016: GVRf version 3.1 released. 

-New Physics extension using the Bullet library.

-Official support for Google Daydream (previously in beta)

-Increased support for X3D file format

-Builds now available on Maven Central for easy application integration


Dec 2-4 2016: The GVRf team sponsored and supported developers at the VR Hackathon in SF.

Some cool projects were started in GVRf!  

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Aug 25 2016: The GVRf team presented at SVVR meetup #32

We presented an overview of GVRf and partnered with Ximmerse to showcase a live demo of their mobile VR input development kit controllers working with GVRf.

Read a summary here:  


April 26 2016: GearVR Framework at the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC 2016)


Tom Flynn's GearVRf session at SDC2016 ( Developer Connection website) was an overview of the GearVR Framework, along with sample code and demos. Tom also presented live scripting in both JavaScript and Lua and taught the audience how to use the I/O subsystem, how to control objects in VR with the new 3D Cursor VR input model, and how to integrate a new I/O device. You can download the presentation here: sdc-2016-gvrf-and-io_public.pdf

In partnership, these companies have already been integrated into GVRf: The Eye Tribe's mobile VR eye tracking solution (Eye Tribe VR), Gestigon's touchless hand visualization and recognition/gesture SDK (Carnival AR/VR Interaction Suite), Manus' revolutionary, immersive, intuitive VR Gloves, and Ximmerse's Virtual Reality Input Solution that enables 6DOF tracking for Mobile VR.







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