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GearVR Framework Project


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The GearVR Framework Project

The Gear VR Framework (GearVRf) Project is a lightweight, powerful, open source rendering engine with a Java interface for developing mobile VR games and applications for Gear VR and Google Daydream View.

GearVRf is:

  • Simple - Java interface, Android Studio build environment and a simple SDK allow you to prototype rapidly. In-depth OpenGL and Oculus/Daydream rendering knowledge is not required. 

  • Powerful - VR-specific rendering optimizations and optional access to low-level graphics pipeline allow you to create and optimize high performance graphics.   

  • Optimized for mobile - Built with mobile performance in mind, GearVRf provides easy and performance-oriented access to Android OS system level calls.  

  • Open source - that means no licensing fees or royalties *ever*, and active developer community contributions 

  • Efficient - GearVRf's interface layer is abstracted from the target mobile VR platform SDK. You can write code once and build for both Gear VR and Daydream/Cardboard. Default build options create a single apk that works for both, with run-time flow checks for Oculus service that revert to Daydream if Oculus not available. Google Cardboard is even supported, as Daydream's backend reverts to the Google Cardboard service if the mobile device does not support Daydream!



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All the resources you need to get started - developer documents, project file links, hardware and software requirements - are here:  Get Started

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Project sitemap - access Gear VR Framework Project resources, development information, and community contacts so that you can create your own VR applications and contribute to the GearVRf community.    

GearVRf Project News   GearVRf Developer Guide
GearVRf Project Tutorials       GearVRf Development Overview
Get Started       GearVRf FAQ
    GearVRf Requirements       GearVRf Features
    GearVRf Project Files              Loading Assets
    Sample GearVRf Applications              Render Data
    Developer Documents              Meshes
Developer Blog              Materials
Community              Lighting
    Community Guidelines              Phong Shader Template
      Governance              Built-In Legacy Shaders
     GearVRf Mailing Lists              Picking
         Build Instructions
Get Involved        GearVRf Settings Files
     GearVRf Developer Certificate of Origin        Writing a Basic GearVRf Application
     Development Process                Step 1 Implement Your Activity
     Submit a Patch                Step 2 Implement Your VR World 
     Get Answers / Report a Bug                Step 3 Implement onStep 
         Writing More Advanced GearVRf Applications
Project Details                Implementing GVRActivity
     Roadmap                Setting Up the Camera Rig and Cameras
     GearVRf Software License                Creating the Scene Graph
     Privacy Policy                Rendering
     GearVRf Logo Files    




We gratefully acknowledge the developers of the following images:

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GearVRf Features image The Wooden Doll With Light Bulb image courtesy of tigger11th at
GearVRf Features image Book image courtesy of Boykung at


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